Summary of 10 years with MG’s

For all of the international visitors, here is a summary of what has been going on here the last 10 MG-years.

It all started early 2007 when I found an advert of an MGB GT nearby. I read the advert on the evening, answered it in the night and bout the car next morning. In my opinion the right way to buy a car is with a gut feeling and not with the brain. That way you end up with a fun and challenging car and not with a boring and reasonable car.

The car was a MGB/GT 1971 and we used it as an runnable restoration and did travel all over Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Here we are with the MGB/GT at the European MG event 2009 in Geiranger, Norway, a meeting with more than 400 cars from all over Europe.


In 2011 I bought an unfinished MGB Roadster 1965, it was totally stripped down. Some things had been done of previously enthusiasts who had given up. This was my first restoration of a car and included metal work, painting, mechanical work and sewing the interior. It was done 2014 with the exception of the interior that was completed 2015. We use it every summer for our trips to different MG events.


In 2012 we sold the MGB/GT-71 and instead bout a factory built MGB/GT-V8 1975 from Jan Carlsson who had imported it from England and converted it from RHD to LHD and from RB to CB. The car was previously totally restored and we used it a lot for our trips around in Sweden.

Then in 2014 it happened again! I found a new advert on the internet, this time two MG Magnette ZBV that where in quite sorry state, but cheap. I had never considered the Magnette before, but this time it spoke to me, so the next day we went and looked at them and I was hooked.

The black Magnette is a 1959 (the last imported new to Sweden) and the Birch grey is a 1958.

Now we needed some space so we sold the MGB/GT-V8 (back to Jan Carlsson) and extended the garage to make space for the restoration of the black Magnette using the grey Magnette for spare parts.

I have been working with the Magnette since 2015 and the status right now is: All the metalwork is done (it was a lot), the car is painted in epoxy primer and now I am in the process of putting it together to see that it all fits.


We still haven’t quite decided the color for it but probably it will be Kashmir Beige over Maroon (like the color them for this webpage).

I am not in a hurry, this is my hobby and my challenge is to make it all myself (and hopefully learn something new in that process).

And for my daily driving I have my Jaguar.